All forms of domestic house and home cleaning.
Your safety & security is our priority.
Professional grade services. Eco-friendly.

All forms of domestic, home and house cleaning services. Professional cleaning company.

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We want to meet or exceed your expectations.


Cee Bee Cleaning Services are a domestic cleaning company located in Melbourne servicing clients throughout the northern and western suburbs of Melbourne.

At Cee Bee Cleaning Services our focus is to provide a quality home cleaning service that meets or exceeds your requirements & expectations.

By understanding and employing good practices which are instrumental to improving consistency and quality, we successfully maintain our high standards. Our supervision & management experience ensures we can offer the best advice and cleaning service.

We constantly measure client satisfaction against agreed standards of service. We have a system of responding to issues that ensures they are immediately responded to and rectified to your satisfaction.

Our mission is to provide comprehensive house cleaning services and solutions designed to exceed client’s expectations.

We believe we provide a competitive service, through understanding your needs and monitoring our services to ensure that you are satisfied.

Why choose us for cleaning homes

Competitive Pricing

As we always provide professional grade services and are prompt and reliable, we are not the cheapest, but we are highly competitive. Don't waste your money on an inferior cheap home cleaning service.

Professional Equipment

We only use professional-grade cleaning equipment & chemicals. You get a quality clean as a result. And our cleaning equipment is regularly & properly tested and tagged for everyones safety (Complies with Australian Standard AS/NZS 3760).

Safety & Security

Having strangers in your house is always a concern. We ensure that all our staff have current Police & Working with Childrens checks in place. Losing your valuables can make for very expensive cleaning of your house!

Our Experience

Our management team have over 40 years experience in the cleaning industry. That means we know how to do the best job for you. We also know how to deal with the issues which invariably arise.

We're Reliable

We will arrive to clean your home when we say we will. We think it is important to be reliable to minimise the disruption to your routine.


All of the cleaning products & chemicals we use are eco-friendly. Unlike some cheap cleaning services, we don't use products which will harm the enviroment.

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About Cee Bee Cleaning

Cee Bee Group is an Australian company with senior management and operations staff who have extensive cleaning & grounds maintenance experience. Located in Victoria, Cee Bee has over 38 years of service in the cleaning industry and through positioning has organically grown into a multi-skilled company with client satisfaction as our main priority.