Avoid Home DIY Disasters

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Doing your own DIY repairs or handyman work at home is a high risk activity. Men have 10 times the risk of fatal injury from work at home & the most common activities resulting in fatal injuries were home repairs, gardening & car care.

An article pubished on the Daily Telegraph web site (Home handymen warned play it smart and avoid DIY disasters) on March 31 2014, suggests that doing your own handyman repairs or gardening at home is a high risk activity as reflected in hospital emergency attendances.

The article suggests that being hit by inadequately braced vehicles during car maintenance, falls from inadequately braced ladders, contact with fire and flames while cooking, and contact with electricity during maintenance were the most common injury scenarios. NSW Ambulance Inspector John Brotherhood says “People get on the roof and tie themselves to the TV antennae but it’s not strong enough so they fall off. Or they’re inside nailing things to the wall and they don’t know where the electricity is and electrocute themselves,”

“We had a guy who decided to trim his hedges so he thought a good idea would be to pick up his lawnmower and run it across the top of his hedges and it took the ends of his fingers off on both sides when he put them under the lawnmower. Ninety minutes later, we had exactly the same job about 4km away. The patient said he had been travelling home and saw this earlier bloke trimming the hedges with the lawnmower and thought, ‘That’s a good idea’.”

So, if you don't want to risk 'life & limb', give us a call. Simply contact us via online form, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by telephone on (03) 9311 1949 & we will send out licensed, qualified tradesmaen or gardeners to do the job for you!

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