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Domestic Cleaning Tips

Written by Cee Bee Cleaning
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Here are a bunch of home cleaning tips we've found useful when you're cleaning your home.

  • Don't clean your benches or bench-tops with dirty dishcloths or sponges. You're just spreading the germs around. Put your sponges in the microwave for at least 30 seconds to disinfect them!
  • To clean your microwave, put a bowl with water and lemon or vinegar & run it at high power for 5 minutes. Then, all the 'gunk' will be softened and easier to wipe clean.
  • A very effective tool to clean the glass doors in the shower is a 'Scotch Brite' or scouring pads (not steel wool!) But, they do get 'clogged' pretty quickly so be prepared to wash them out regularly.
  • Have any 'orphaned' socks? Who doesn't! Put one over your hand, and pray a bit of water over it - not too wet - and then you can use it to wipe down venetian blinds & skirting boards.
  • Got kids? Strip your bedclothes & get the kids to jump on the bed to bring up the dust from inside. Then vaccum the mattress top.
  • Always dust before vaccuming, as dusting will result in dust falling to the floor & dust from up higher surfaces to lower surfaces, as again, the dust will fall.
  • A great way to make the house look cleaner .. is simply to remove clutter. And, it makes it much easier to clean.
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