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Sunday, 01 April 2018 07:21

Cleaning & Washing Windows Tips

Written by Cee Bee Cleaning
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Here are some very basic tips for cleaning your windows at home.

The first hing that we should share with you is to correct that old & incorrect belief that water and vinegar is the best liquid to use to clean a window.

It's not. This mixture just doesn't produce the 'suds' needed to remove the grime.

The 'best' option is simply your dish washing liquid and water.

The 'suds' this produces, help to not only remove the grime, but highlight marks such as fingerprints which need to be cleaned off with a bit of scrubbing as the bubbles separate where these occur, making them much easier to see.

The 'suds' also help your squeegee move over the glass when you are removing the excess water.

Don't use old cloths or paper for cleaning windows as they leave lint and residue. Micro fibre cloths are the best option.

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