We want to meet or exceed your expectations.

Customer service is a focus.

At Cee Bee Services our focus is to provide a quality service that meets or exceeds your requirements.

By understanding and employing good industry practices which are instrumental to improving consistency and quality, we successfully maintain high standards. Our supervision / management experience ensures we can offer the best advice and service to your needs.

We constantly measure client satisfaction against agreed standards of service. We have a system of response to any issues that occur that ensures they are immediately responded to and rectified to your satisfaction.

Is there a problem?

Nobody is perfect. Occasionally, we don't do a perfect job, but we commit to you that we wil rectify any idenfied issues as soon as is practicable.

For example, we had a call from a client letting us know the floor was 'streaky' after cleaning. We were on-site within the hour to rectify the issue to the clients satisfaction.

Emergency Service

We are available if you have an emergency such as a flood, break in or storm damage. Please contact us on (03) 9311 1949 if there is an emergency and you need help.

We believe we provide a competitive service, through understanding the customers’ needs and monitoring the contract to ensure that customer satisfaction is obtained.

Please contact us if you have an issue

About Cee Bee Cleaning

Cee Bee Group is an Australian company with senior management and operations staff who have extensive cleaning & grounds maintenance experience. Located in Victoria, Cee Bee has over 38 years of service in the cleaning industry and through positioning has organically grown into a multi-skilled company with client satisfaction as our main priority.